Summer Exhibitions: London 2015

As the summer month’s approaches and thousands are predicted to flock to England, thankfully 2015 has ushered in some of the best exhibitions to grace London’s museums and galleries. In the last 12 months we have marvelled in the beauty of Italian fashion at the V&A and embraced the subtleties of colour in the work of Paul Klee at the Tate. Here is my round-up of what I predict to be the best exhibitions to see in the capital this summer

savage-beauty-posterAlexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

The genius that brought us skirts for men, armadillo shoes and Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is the centre of The Victoria and Albert Museum’s largest exhibition this year. Since his tragic death in 2010, McQueen left behind a legacy which still ripples through the studios of designers and artists the world over. The exhibition has been open to the public since mid march and already it has been heralded the ‘must see’ exhibition with tickets selling out months in advance and daily queues snaking thought the museum’s grand entrance. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty is open until 2nd August at The Victoria and Albert Museum.

luxury_extraordinaryWhat is Luxury?

Drawing from their extensive collection, the V&A and The Crafts Council has collaborated to curate this thought-provoking exhibition which explores the theme of ‘Luxury’. The pieces aim to explain ‘Luxury’ in terms of cultural and personal influences, scarcity of materials and the investment of time in craft. As the recent graduate of a craft degree course, this exhibition appeals to me as it focuses on design at the much deeper level than ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’. What is Luxury? is open until 27th September.

home_hepburn_2Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon

Audrey Hepburn might be one of the world’s most photographed film stars and her name is still known worldwide but this collection of 60 selected portraits delves deeper in to her beautiful life. From her humble start in the west end to her philanthropic work for countless charities in her last few years, her life is illustrated through rare photographic images from the most prolific photographers of the 20th century alongside vintage and archival magazine shoots and stills. Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon can be seen 2nd July-18th October at The National Portrait Gallery.

hepworthwebbannerBarbara Hepworth: Sculpture for the modern world

Countless family holidays to St Ives, the home of Hepworth, has solidified her work as some of my favourite pieces of, not just sculpture, but art anywhere in Britain. She manipulation of her mediums has a softness and calming, sweeping motion which is not often seen in such materials. In her first London exhibition in over 50 years, Hepworth’s sculptures will sit alongside maquettes, textiles, film pieces and collages spanning her 50 years of creative practice. Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for the modern world can be seen 24th June-25th October at Tate Britain. For more information about Hepworth’s work in St Ives, check out this post from last summer, Design Inspiration! Barbara Hepworth.

petalsDesigning a Moment: The London 2012 Cauldron

The iconic Olympic Cauldron takes its place at its new home in the Museum of London. Designed and built by Thomas Heatherwick and his team just around the corner from King’s Cross, the cauldron instantly became the symbol of international union as each petal was gracefully raised to form the cauldron. Although this might not be the highest footfall exhibition, this will certainly won’t be one to miss. Designing a Moment: The London 2012 Cauldron is now part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Introducing… Laura Brainwood Textiles

UntitledAs some of you might already know, for the last 3 years I have been working towards a degree in woven textiles. Late nights, long studio hours and hundreds of pounds worth of yarn have all culminated in my graduate collection which goes on display at the UCA: Farnham Degree Show next week.

Today, I introduce you all to Laura Brainwood Textiles. This site acts as a showcase for my creative work as a designer and weaver. The photos I have selected here are just a preview of my graduate collection, you can see the full photo shoot over at Laura Brainwood Textiles.


21 things I learnt in Art College

I am currently 1 week away from my final studio day at university and about to exhibit both here in Farnham and in London. After attending UCA: Farnham, a university that teaches only creative arts subjects, for 3 years I thought I would share a snippet of the lessons I have learnt here.

  1. Keeping your studio desk tidy is next to impossible.
  2. Comparing your work to others will only make you feel worse.
  3. You will have tutors who hate your work.
  4. But then you’ll have other tutors who love it!
  5. You’ll dread your final year dissertation.
  6. Until you actually start to write it and realise it isn’t as bad as you imagined!
  7. Spending £20 on art materials is nothing. Seriously.
  8. First years get blamed for anything that goes wrong or gets broken in the studio. Even if it’s blatantly not their fault!
  9. Always prepare before tutorials or reviews.
  10. Crying after a bad tutorial or assessment isn’t a bad thing.
  11. It’s okay, and perfectly normal, to feel homesick. I promise you, it passes.
  12. Be confident in your ideas.
  13. Being immaculately dressed with perfect makeup is completely impractical 90% of the time.
  14. When you tell people what you study, facial expressions range from delight to horror.
  15. Productivity levels in the studios decrease 50% in the spring and summer.
  16. Bring your own tea bags, otherwise you will end up paying out a fortune of your mid morning cuppa over the years.
  17. You can feel very smug when your non-arty friends are complaining about exams and revision.
  18. Never throw anything away out of anger. I learned the hard way that doesn’t make you feel any better and your tutors won’t be too pleased.
  19. You have days when you are completely incapable of doing anything. Threads break. Dyes give the wrong colour. You leave vital equipment at home.
  20. If you don’t label your equipment, people with ‘borrow’ them and not give them back.
  21. As much as it drives you crazy, you’ll never want to leave.

Simple Pleasures: February & March 2015


The snap of your favourite biscuit, that song which reminds you of summers in Paris or the new shirt which makes you feel like you can conquer the world… or at least the meeting! Life is full of little moments, however small, that can make even the dullest days seem bursting with colour. This series is a monthly collection of those simple pleasures which never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Continue reading

Indigo Dyeing

Indigo-dyeing-footerIndigo is a dye which has captivated my creative mind since the first time I saw that magical change of colour about 7 years ago. The vast variation of tones of blue has been the biggest influence in my textile practice, and I now spend countless days dyeing yarn and fabric with this once illusive hue. Today I’m sharing with you a few photos from my indigo dyeing session this morning. Continue reading

Simple Pleasures: January 2015

Simple-Pleasures-JanuaryThe snap of your favourite biscuit, that song which reminds you of summers in Paris or the new shirt which makes you feel like you can conquer the world… or at least the meeting! Life is full of little moments, however small, that can make even the dullest days seem bursting with colour. This series is a monthly collection of those simple pleasures which never fail to bring a smile to my face. Continue reading

Bedroom Decor: Rental & Dorm Rooms

Bedroom-Decor-TitleIndigoHoneycomb is back for the new year with a personal post about the way I have decorated my room over the  past year of living in my shared rental house. Blank walls, cheap furniture and an empty space can seem a daunting prospect. Rental living can be an issue for those of us who love interior decor. No painting walls, no wallpaper, no nails for hanging pictures and pre-furnished rooms doesn’t give the widest scope if you have big dreams for your space. No doubt you are like me, low on funds and time but still wanting a personalised space, then these 4 quick fixes will be perfect. Continue reading

Christmas DIY: Folded Paper Ornaments

ornaments-titleUnique centre pieces can be difficult to find in stores. Candles surrounded by arrangements of pine and holly can look dated and are often over priced. These folded paper ornaments made from old paperback books will have your guests asking how you made them. Pair with votives in mismatched holders and a vintage table runner for a cosy and creative centre piece for your christmas feast. The only cost is the price of the book, under £1 from a charity shop or you could even use one you already own, just make sure it’s not a family heirloom! Continue reading

Creative gift tags for Christmas! Free Printables

The internet is teaming with free printables for everything from origami animals to boxes for cookies. I’ve put together my favourite gift tags for this festive season. A plain coloured gift wrap can be quickly accessorized by using a glittery ribbon and one of these beautifully designed tags!

Put-a-tag-on-it1. Christmas films make an appearance from The Happy Tulip

2. Visual Heart created these sophisticated tags in black, white and shimmering gold

3. These watercolour tags from mstenson radiate summertime christmas vibes

4. Festive tags for nail polish make a simple present very glamorous! Thanks, Persia Lou

5. Chalkboard effect has been everywhere this year, why not extend this to your christmas gifts from worldlabel

Christmas DIY: Glitter Candle Holder

Glitter-candle-holdersOne of my favourite ways to create ambience in space is you use candles, their warming, subtle glow makes them perfect for the festive season. Why not combine the atmospheric qualities of candles with the old christmas favourite, glitter! These sparkly candle holders are simple and inexpensive and make use of old glass jars. Continue reading