DIY- Gift Bags


Whilst these gift bags may look complicated, they can be  made in a matter of minutes and can be easily customised. Whether you want to print out your own design from illustrator or simply cover in wrapping paper like me! They make a great activity for children to customise for grandparents or teachers. Plus, you can make them any size or shape to fit any gift!!

What do I need?


  •  Cutting mat
  • Pen
  • Double-sided tape or Glue
  • Metal ruler
  • Scissors
  • Xacto Knife/ Craft Knife/ Scalpel
  • Card (Cartridge paper works just as well)
  • Ribbons
  • Decorative items such as wrapping paper, glitter, paints or buttons


How do I make it?


Step 1

Cut out the pieces above:

  • 2 pieces at 20x15cm- front and back panels
  • 2 pieces at 20x10cm (scored lines on both length sides and 1 width side)- side panels
  • 1 pieces at 15x10cm- base panel

These sizes made an A5 size bag but these can be easily scaled up or down


Step 2

Mark 2 slots on the front and back panels for the handles- 3  cm from the top and 2cm in width.


Step 3

Decorate! This is the bit were you can go as crazy or subtle as you choose! Just don’t forget to cut out the slots we marked earlier using a craft knife and cutting mat.


Step 4

Construction! Attach the bottom of the front and back panels to the scored edges of the base panel. Attach the length edge of the side panel to the left side of the front panel, repeat for back panel until pieces are as pictured


Step 5

Taking the side panels, place either a piece of double-sided tape/ glue along the bottom scored line and the remaining side scored line. Carefully place the bottom line along the width of the base panel and the side line along the length of the back panel. Repeat for both piece until you have a fully constructed box.


Step 6

Place a small piece of double-sided tape just below the slot for the ribbon and attach. Repeat for the other slot and the other side of the bag.





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