Forget the flowers!

Forget bunches of half open daffodils or those dryed out roses which you should have thrown away 2 weeks ago (It happens to the best of us!) and say hello to the new house plants on the scene! With spring bringing the plants outside in to a new lease of life, why not bring some indoors and spread to the spring love! Here are my top 5 ways to include greenery in your house in ways you might not have considered!



No.1- Herbs! A basic and the most affordable of all the ideas but changing up the pot on supermarket basil or chives brings a little hint of green to your kitchen. Plus, it will make you look like a top chef even if cooking isn’t your forte.


No.2 – Plants in the bathroom? This arrangement adds a brightness to a room which is often neglected. Also, If you forget to water them, the sink is close to hand!

ImageNo.3- If you have the space, use mismatched pots and a wide range of plants to create this unique feature wall. Even 1 shelf full of plants would have as much of an impact.

ImageNo.4- Current obessesion of all pinterest addicts, succulants in terrariums are perfect for those who struggle to keep potted plants alive. These hanging bauballs create a chic feature piece, just make sure to hang them away from a breezy window!

ImageNo.5- Perfect to those of us who love a good craft project. These mini succulant cans could be made for only a few pounds-  try painting the cans to give a more polished effect.

For more interior inspiration, check out my pinterest

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