Coffee and a Catch up- Easter Weekend

Grab a cup of your favourite coffee as I share what I’ve been making in the past week. Let me know what you’ve been doing, creative or not, in the comments!





No.1- Cushions made with some lovely Jane Churchill fabric from interning at Colefax and Fowler

No.2- Marizpan Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday (Recipe from this months Waitrose Magazine)

No.3- First attempt at book binding! Surprising easy using this youtube video

No.4- Most importantly…I’ve opened an Etsy shop selling some excess yarn. So far I have sold 4 cones in under 24 hours!!




  1. Wow Laura, what a busy little bee you are. So proud that you are one of my ‘old girls!’ Would love to see some of you projects from uni.
    Ms Rose

    1. Thank you. Still can’t believe it’s nearly 2 years since I left Ashlyns! I was thinking of doing a little portfolio of my uni work in the near future. Hope you’re enjoying a more relaxing life away from teaching.

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