Pick Me Up 2014

IMG_1516For the past week, Somerset House has played host to the wonder that is Pick Me Up. Billed as a contemporary graphic design festival, it sweeps over illustation, graphic design and fine art from some of the finest, emerging creative brains in Europe. Although I would recommend visiting in the week if you want to avoid hoards of children and families, Pick Me Up is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to view art; imagine strolling around a bustling studio and you’ve got a fairly good idea! At the weekends the interactive areas are swarmed with little ones frantically colouring in a football team or floorplan of a house, I would love to visit during a quieter hours and enjoy a spot of colouring too!

IMG_7533 Obviously I snatched a few buisness cards and postcards from some of the best.


IMG_7532(Starting from left, moving clockwise)

1. Official festival post card, 2. Puck Collective, 3. KP Illustation, 4. Home Slice, 5.Niki Best





1. Indroducing stitch to graphic art from Outline Artists

2. The simple paperclip was this years logo and features all over the festival, including the stairs!

3. Throw out the white ceramic plant pots of last year, this lazer cut head planter is far more 2014

4. Got a friend who need a little movitation? This doily is sure to get your point across!

Ps. Aweful lighting and a shoddy iPhone camera resulted in some rather questionable photos, I apologies for the quality of the last 4 images. I’m still learning!




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