Design Inspiration- Indigo

Indigo has to be my favourite of all the colours. The depth and richness of this unique hue lends itself perfectly to design projects from typography to woven cloth design (this being my field of expertese!) I came across these hand-dyed shibori samples from my first few months at University in September 2012, and they have actually informed more design work than anything else. For those who don’t know about Shibori- it is the ancient japanese practice of tying, binding and clamping cloth and then submerssing in dye. This slightly dated video shows ladies practicing the craft in rural japan. I thought I’d share some of my favourite bits, hopefully they can inspire your work too!

IMG_75572 different indigo strengths can create a wonderful ‘ombre’ effect.

IMG_7559Indigo on organza enhances its beautiful tonal variations

IMG_7563Small gathering stitched were used to create effect- the small white dots are the needle pricks!

IMG_7564Watery and painterly qualities work perticularly well in Indigo- try tying around plastic tubing or sheets.



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