Coffee and a Catch Up- Selvedge Internship

Untitled-1There is never an excuse for neglecting a blog but I think this one is quite good! I’ve spent the past 8 weeks interning at Selvedge Magazine in London. For those of you who are unaware of Selvedge, it is a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on all the textiles world has too offer- fashion, interiors, travel, shopping and fine art. As the magazine and shop is run by a close knit team of 6, I have been writing blog posts for Selvedge (See here and below). researching and writing the listings pages (Issues 59 & 60), packing orders and subscriptions, writing emails and so much more. Looking back I can’t quite believe how much I have done in the last 8 weeks!Selvedge-post

The shop is full of constant temptation to spend all my student loan on candles, ribbons and the most beautiful textiles books, although at times it does ressemble sitting in an oven. The customers are some of the most interesting people I have met, everyone just loves the magazine and is always wanting to tell us about their lives and love of the craft. From America, Australia, Sweden, Germany- they treck across the globe towards thier textiles mecca!

shop3To any future Selvedge interns come across this post, I have just 2 pieces of advice…

  1. Offer to do everything!- Carrying boxes, unloading cars, making tea
  2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or ask questions- they honestly don’t mind!

Feel free to email me for more information about my experience or with any questions- I will be happy to answer them.

Photographs courtesy of Selvedge



    1. Thanks Laura, I love selvedge and great blog post. Though I can’t afford to not be paid, which is a shame! Otherwise I’d deff apply!

  1. What sort of duties did u perform ? Did u feel you learnt a lot ? Also, did they only give you administrative responsibilities ? Or was it also creative ? Reason I’m asking is , I’m a fashion student and I love the magazine and everything it stands for .. Just wondering if it would be relevant to my chosen field. Thanks x

    1. Hi Tanvi. Polly and Beth made sure I had a varied range of jobs which included writing for their blog, tidying the shop, packing orders, composing and editing their listings (at the back of the magazine) and so much more. I’ll be honest, it’s not the most creative internship ever but the work they do is so varied, I don’t think intern would have the same experience. It’s a great way to see a different side of the textile industry and I would highly recommend it. Polly even came by my stand at New Designers to see my work! Hope that’s helpful!

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