This Old Thing- Vintage fashion minus the kitch

Thanks to Kirstie Allsopp tie-dyeing underpants and Macklemore wearing our granddad’s clothes, Britian seems to have fully embrased the thrifty way of life. The never-ending resession has revived ‘Make Do and Mend’ with sales of sewing machines at an all time high. Yet in the past few years, the ‘vintage’ look has turned sickly sweet with many companies now churning out mass produced plates, kitchen scales and even rubber ducks covered in dainty florals and cutesy polka dots- not quite the thrify trend it started as.


‘This Old Thing: The Vintage Clothes Show’ is helping to turn this perseption on its head. Hosted by Dawn O’Porter, newly married to IT Crowd star Chris O’Dowd, she adds the right amount of ‘trying to be your best friend’ to ‘I actually know what I’m talking about’ whilst wearing 60’s shift dresses to match her Mary Quant do. The show’s premises if to take 2 shoppers who refuse to wear vintage and attemp to change their perception by putting together a range of outfits to suit their taste, soley from second-hand items.  Apart from attempting to convert 2 high-street addicts, O’Porter’s team of tailors and seamstresses give practical tips and ideas for altering piece which don’t fit properly. With a few segments of fashion theory, the program hits all the right spots to appeal to everyone from the vintage hater to the queens of thrifty shopping.


The accompianing book, ‘This Old Thing: Fall in Love with Vintage Clothes‘, available through amazon, offers helpful hints, history and how-to’s. After simular book released by the likes of Trinny and Suzanna and Gok Wan, I am sceptical about how much more information a book could actually offer. In most cases these ‘fashion guides’ summerise what was already addressed in the programs, with little extra than a few photgraphs. The 6 part series continues on Wednesday at 8PM or simply watch again on 4oD.



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