Happy Belated 4th of July!

Happy Independance Day Y’all! (Even though it was a few days ago!) 4th of July may be an American holiday, It doesn’t mean that we brits can’t do something exciting too! In honour of their festivities, this post is dedicated to all you Americans out there, celebrating some my top 4 favourite people from the land of the free.

The Artist- Mark Rothko

No list of the greatest Americans would be complete without reference to Mark Rothko. Born in New York in the early 1900’s, Rothko is one of the most prolific abstract expressionist artists. His colour combinations and proportions mirror those of Josef Albers and have influenced countless artists and designers. For those who don’t understand Rothko, or how to view the pieces, personally I like to stand before the piece and relax my eyes. I find this help you to absorb the colours and gradations the most successful. Viewing Rothko’s work is the best way to view colour.


The Designer- Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang has been making headlines internationally when he was selected at the new Creative Director of Balenciaga. An expected choice and with his statement ‘I aim not to adapt the brand, but to break the mold’ Wang may not be everyones favourite. I personally adore his use of street/ urban style with traditional design- I think he was an excellent choice but sadly I don’t have the finally say in the fashion world.


The Writer- John Green

If you’ve heard of the new summer film ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, then you’ve heard of John Green. Not just the writer of 6 novels, but this vlogger and Internet personality founded VidCon and Project for Awesome. I honestly don’t understand how he has enough hours in the day to do all his projects. I would recommend ‘The Fault in out Stars’ (duh!), ‘Looking for Alaska’ and ‘Will Greyson, Will Greyson’.


The Blogger- Jordan Ferney

Last of all is the woman who inspired me to start this blog in the first place. Ferney runs ‘Oh Happy Day’ a party planning and lifestyle blog- also running classes and workshops from her San Franscico studio. Her styling and photography is impeccable, plus the design of her blog is wonderful. She spent a year living in Paris but now lives in the states with her husband and 2 boys.




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