Designer’s Guide to… Milan


Although Milan is considered the beating heart of fashion in Italy, this bustling city is inspiration for designers from all disciplines- from an architect marvelling at the sheer grandeur of the Duomo to print designer inspired by the interconnecting tram lines which weave smoothly through the cobbled streets. Milan may not be the largest or most diverse city in the western world, but it has a lot to offer. These are my favourite spots in Milan, culminated over my 2 visits in December 2013 and September 2014.

Castello Sforzesco


This 15th Century castle may be high up on the list of tourist hotspots, but don’t disregard it as your generic castle for coach loads of tourists. Although a popular destination, most visitors simply view the exterior without bothering to venture inside. Make sure you visit the Egyptian collection which features sections from ‘The Book of the Dead’, real mummies and sarcophagus’s. Entry is only 2€ for students so why not check it out?!

10 Corso Como


Recommended to me as a spot to visit by my tutor, 10 Corso Como is an artist’s haven in busiest quarter of Milan. Centred around a secluded courtyard, on first glance the building looks like restaurant. Venture up the spiral stairs to find a white cube gallery (currently showing photography of a 50’s Italian starlet) and a book shop selling vast range of Art and Design books, magazines and journals. Up yet another spiral staircase, you will be greeted a cool rooftop terrace scattered, the perfect place to sit and reflect.



Just around the corner for 10 Corso Como, we stumbled on this supermarket by accident. Eataly sells some of the best food from across Italy, including fresh fruits, chocolate bar and an entire floor for wine! The space is beautifully designed and layout is to be admired- interior architects should take note. Eataly is the ideal spot to buy your souvenirs or stock up on your favourite treats.




THE centre of casual nightlife in Milan, come nightfall Navilgi (meaning canal) 20-somethings emerge, chatting, eating and drink some seriously strong cocktails. Don’t make the mistake of visiting in the day time, nothing will be open and the place is practically deserted! Head there once the sun sets to enjoy the Milanese tradition of Aperitivo. Simply buy a drink (usually cocktails which cost about 6-9€) and take advantage of the free buffet- make sure you check out the food first.


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