Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas!

Sleigh bells are ringing, festive lights are being strung across shop fronts and mince pies are being consumed in their thousands. It must be nearly Christmas and here at IndigoHoneycomb I have some exciting posts coming up in the next few weeks. Starting today with 5 creative gift wrapping ideas.wrap-it-up

1. This easy and adorable idea makes a quirky way to display those little presents. You could make this more christmas related by swapping these animals for polar bears, penguins and raindeer

2. The simplest (and cheapest!) of all. The use of foliage gives a sophisticated edge but could include berrries for a more playful look.

3. Shimmering gold, rich forest green and dainty translucent peach. Contrasting patterns of classic spots and chevron create a fashionable feel.

4. Need to use up odds and ends of craft material? Carefully compose a small arrangement in the centre of the package. For christmas, think bows, bauballs and tinsel!

5. Spice up wrapping for kids by making them interactive. Toy cars, crayons and plastic farm animals could be quickly used on presents for a quirky, 3-dimentional gift idea.


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