Christmas DIY: Festive Garland


December is finally here and now is the time to break out the tinsel and fairy lights. Take your decorations one step further by making this easy festive garland to add a homemade touch to a window, blank wall or even use to wrap around gifts. For all you sewing machine-phobes, this garland requires the use domestic sewing machine. Using a straight stitch and only requires basic sewing skills.

What do I need?


  • Selection of coloured card. I used metallic gold, royal blue and white
  • Template of shape. Hearts, circles or triangles make this craft appropriate all year.
  • Sewing machine, set up with a red top thread and a white bobbin.
  • Cutting mat and Xacto Knife
  • HB Pencil

How do I make this wonderful craft?


1. Using an Xacto Knife on a cutting mat, cut out your template. Using this as a guide, draw out the shape on to the card. Cut out the pieces and put to the side.

Garland42. Set up your sewing machine to a straight stitch. I would recommened having a separate needle to use of projects using paper as it blunts the point slightly. Place one star under the needle and lower the presser foot, stitch foward and off the end of the shape. Keep stiching for an inch and then feed in the next piece. Continue until you have used all the stars.

3. You can then cut down the garland to the correct length and display or store by wrapping around a piece of thick card.

Garlandbottom Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the poor quality of these images. I am currently working with the best camera avaliable to me, which is sadly my iPhone camera, as I do not have access to a ‘proper’ camera. Next week, I should have better quality images. Thank you 🙂


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