Bedroom Decor: Rental & Dorm Rooms

Bedroom-Decor-TitleIndigoHoneycomb is back for the new year with a personal post about the way I have decorated my room over the  past year of living in my shared rental house. Blank walls, cheap furniture and an empty space can seem a daunting prospect. Rental living can be an issue for those of us who love interior decor. No painting walls, no wallpaper, no nails for hanging pictures and pre-furnished rooms doesn’t give the widest scope if you have big dreams for your space. No doubt you are like me, low on funds and time but still wanting a personalised space, then these 4 quick fixes will be perfect.

Fabric-WallI caught a glimpse of this idea in an interiors magazine a few years ago, and the thought always stayed at the back of my mind. This is a simple and affordable way to create the effect of decorative wallpaper whilst keeping the walls in pristine condition. For inexpensive fabric, I found mine at about £8 per metre at IKEA last August. To attach to the wall, I tacked mine using small nails as my landlord was fine about this. If you are looking for an alternative that leaves no mark I would recommend the removable adhesives from the brand, Command. The flat pieces for hanging picture frames leave no mark on the wall and would be more than sufficient to hold the fabric.

patterned-table-coverA quick DIY which makes uses of excess wallpaper or decorative wrapping paper. The paper on my side table is a free swatch of wallpaper from Homebase. You can easily switch out the paper, with no damage to the surface, if you change your mind or theme of your room. Try a monotone geometric pattern for a contemporary, Scandinavian feel, or a teal and coral paper for a Californian beach look.Jeweller-organisationStoring necklaces in jewellery boxes has never worked for me. I seem to forget which pieces I own and those chunky boxes take up too much space. I decided to use some removable hooks, again from the brand Command, displaying them on the side of my bookcase creates a quirky decoration. I find that I now wear more of my necklaces on a regular basis than when I kept them in the box.Bedroom-Decor-finish


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  1. Reeeaaallly like this post. I am the same, I have a tiny room and I have to try and cram in everything I need!!

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