Simple Pleasures: January 2015

Simple-Pleasures-JanuaryThe snap of your favourite biscuit, that song which reminds you of summers in Paris or the new shirt which makes you feel like you can conquer the world… or at least the meeting! Life is full of little moments, however small, that can make even the dullest days seem bursting with colour. This series is a monthly collection of those simple pleasures which never fail to bring a smile to my face.Simple-Pleasures-January-KiAfter flicking through the pages of countless copies of this journal, I finally decided to pick up an issue in Anthropologie this month. Kinfolk takes a minimalist and natural approach to writing and photography, with a diverse range of articles all based around one central topic. The issue I’ve been enjoying this month is Volume thirteen, The Imperfect Issue from last Autumn. Each copy costs £10-15, which may seem a little pricy but for 140 pages of high quality photography and writing, it’s worth it for a little treat.Simple-Pleasures-January-PlI’ve been using a planner since I started middle school, but this year has to be the first that I have used it to its full potential. As I graduate this year, I decided to purchase a yearly planner to take me past university and this A6 one fits the bill perfectly. Sitting down on a Sunday evening to plan out my week is not only productive but very therapeutic. When I’m having my breakfast each morning I check to see what I have to do that day and add anything extra- It saves time everyday and means I’m less likely to forget important events. Planner from Paperchase, approx £12.IMG_0288Amelie has long been one of my favourite films. There’s something captivating about the combination of endearing characters and beautiful artistic direction. The musical score for this picture perfectly complements Amelie as she drifts around Montmartre, and I find is the perfect accompaniment liven up any mundane task. Instead of a plodding up and down the luminously bright aisles of Sainsbury’s, I can feel like I’m strolling down Rue de Lepic and gazing in the windows of boulangeries and fromageries to my heart’s content.broadchurch1Although the first series premiered nearly 2 years ago, I only started watching Broadchurch this month. I watched a few episodes of the first season over Christmas but I’ve really been enjoying the new season. The show follows the small Devonshire town of Broadchurch which is shaken by murder of a young boy, and stars David Tenant, Arthur Darvill and Olivia Coleman. Although this seems a little dark for a simple pleasure, I have been enjoying it every Tuesday. New episodes are on Monday Evenings at 9pm on ITV1, and series 1 is currently on Netflix.Simple-Pleasures-January


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  1. Hi! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the versatile blogger award, I really enjoy reading your blog!

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