Indigo Dyeing

Indigo-dyeing-footerIndigo is a dye which has captivated my creative mind since the first time I saw that magical change of colour about 7 years ago. The vast variation of tones of blue has been the biggest influence in my textile practice, and I now spend countless days dyeing yarn and fabric with this once illusive hue. Today I’m sharing with you a few photos from my indigo dyeing session this morning.

IMG_0337The beautiful metallic surface of mixing the pure indigo powder with a little water.

IMG_0345The colour change starts to occur when Sodium Hydrosulphite is sprinkled over the vat

IMG_0350Labelling yarn make the process a whole lot easier!

IMG_0355In this session, I dyed natural, ecru yarn. Each skein was either handspun hemp, ramie or paper from Habu Textiles

IMG_0370Leaving the yarn to air allows the colour to develop. Deciding whether the colour is dark enough than layering another coat of indigo is a more organic and intuitive way of dyeing.

IMG_0393My tiny space in the studio with my inspiration, dyed yarn and current samples.

In the next few months I am planning more posts based around my current studio practice and final major project, so watch out for more posts like this in the near future. Please feel free to ask me any questions or share your experience with indigo in the comments.





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