Simple Pleasures: February & March 2015


The snap of your favourite biscuit, that song which reminds you of summers in Paris or the new shirt which makes you feel like you can conquer the world… or at least the meeting! Life is full of little moments, however small, that can make even the dullest days seem bursting with colour. This series is a monthly collection of those simple pleasures which never fail to bring a smile to my face.


As my degree has been hurtling full force towards final submissions and graduation, I have been spending an increasing proportion of my time in the studio in front of a loom. Podcasts have been keeping me amused, with NPR producing a few of my favourites. RadioLab and Invisibilia both tell true stories of a broad range of subjects from the Freudian theories of thoughts to the extinction of tortoise species from the Galapogos islands. Educational, yet hilarious these podcasts fill you will knowledge that you ever even knew you needed. I would recommend RadioLab episodes ‘Color‘, ‘Blood‘ and ‘Trust Engineers‘ and Invisibilia episodes ‘The Secret History of Thoughts‘ and ‘The Power of Categories‘.


It is no secret to those who know me that I have a complete obsession with the writing of Caitlin Moran. From the best selling author of ‘How to be a Woman’, Moranthology is a carefully compiled collection of articles about every subject from why she refuses to travel abroad to the ridiculousness of Downton Abbey. Moran’s brash honesty, strident feminist views and hilarious anecdotes have made her works a firm favourite on my bookshelf.


My love of green tea started 5 years ago in high school when I read that Miranda Kerr drank 5 cups per day, and in an attempt to become a Victoria’s Secret model, I began what is now a daily habit. Minus the occasional morning when nothing beats an extra strong coffee, I start every morning with a large mug of green tea. If you’re not accustomed to the often bitter taste of the purest green tea, try Twinning’s Green Tea with Mango and Lychee or Peach and Cherry Blossom.


I’m not sure this one really needs more explanation. As someone which a lifelong aversion to animals, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when we discovered that my housemates cat was knocked up. To my surprise, the 4 little ones have a been a joy to have in the house and they’re a fun break from constant working.



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