Fashion Revolution Week- Anti Haul

An anti-haul is a strange concept. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the traditional haul, where the writer ‘hauls’ what they have bought on a shopping trip. Hauls tend to promote excessive purchases of un-necessary fashion items, which are from cheaper brands. With hauls, quantity is king! The more items you purchase, the better you are viewed. Especially with younger, more easily influenced viewers, the parting message  is ‘Zoella has that Primark top, therefore I need one too so I can be cool like her!’

As a way to promote conscious consumption, the anti-haul was born. An Anti-haul talks about the trends that we won’t be buying. Whether its trends that we simply don’t like, doesn’t look good on our body shape or just don’t see lasting the test of time, the anti-haul flips the traditional haul on its head. The anti-haul, in essence, encourages viewers and readers to think more carefully about what they purchase.

In honour of Fashion Revolution Week, I’m going to talk about the 5 trends I won’t be buying in to this season.

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Embroidered anything! Shirts, backpacks, leather jackets + denim jeans. Walk in to Topshop and it seems that everything has an embroidered floral design. I’m going to be honest, I actually do like this trend; It reminds me of the glittery embroidered jeans I had as a kid in the 90’s.

My reason for not buying it, is that I don’t see the trend lasting. I once heard ‘If a trend comes in quickly, it will leave quickly’. I would wear the item a handful of times this year, and then by next spring the trend would have gone.  To me, it’s not worth my money, or the precious resources needed to make the clothes.


Sheer tops Call me a Grandma, but I just don’t get this trend. I understand that the lightweight fabric is cool to wear in the hot summer months but if I don’t want to feel like I’m exposing myself in public then I have to wear a vest top/ singlet underneath which defeats the point of the cooling material.


Clogs/mules/sliders Same with the embroidery trend, this trend seems to suddenly be everywhere this year, but I don’t see it sticking around for long. As with the embroidery trend, expect to see piles of these shoes in charity shops and donation bins come next summer. Plus, I just don’t like how they look.


Bardot/bandeau tops I have said many times that strapless bras are the devil’s way of punishing women. I don’t want to spend my whole day hitching up a tight piece of uncomfortable wire and elastic that randomly jabs me in the ribs when I sit down. You can’t wear a bardot or bandeau top without a strapless bra (especially if you are fairly heavy chested like myself), therefore they are a no-go for me.


Dungarees I LOVE dungarees. As an arts graduate, dungerees are almonst obligatory!  I wish I could comfortably wear them but as a curvier woman, with disproportionally larger hips and thighs than the rest of my body, I just can’t get them to fit properly. I’ve tried on countless styles and brands of dungerees and I have resigned myslef to the fact that they’re just not made for my body shape.


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